How to use the Find NH History Portal & Surveys


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Sign Into your Account


Use the Username and Password provided to you to Login.


If you have forgotten your password use the Password reminder feature.


Use the help link if you get stuck while using this site.

Accessing Your Account 

Each of the blue bars is dynamic, click once to unroll and click again to roll back up

Welcome to the Home screen. The help link sends you to this page. To add a new collection click the "Add New Collection" link. Logout will, log you out. 

Click on the Organization Information bar to see your Organization details

Click on the Existing collection bars to see the current collections listed under your account

Updating your Account

Click on Add New Collection if you have a new collection to add.


Click on the 'Update' button to update your collections or organization Information.

Click on the 'Disable' button only if you wish to delete your collection.

Complete the survey as you would normally. When you press submit your account is automatically updated. Click the blue bar if you would like to review the results.

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